Homeopathic consulting is practiced in the State of California under the protection of the California Health Freedom Act. There is at present no licensing for homeopathy in California. Homeopathic practitioners in the United States and Canada have formed the North American Society of Homeopaths both to set standards of practice for and to certify homeopaths and has been advocating for the safe, effective practice of homeopathy in North America for nearly 20 years. You can find more information about them at

Additionally the Council for Homeopathic Certification has been formed to set standards for the training and practice of classical homeopaths, and gives rigorous annual examinations to certify homeopaths in the United States. The credential which is nationally recognized as having demonstrated that the holder has the knowledge and skills to practice safely and effectively is CCH. To find a CHC certified practitioner in North American go to

Iris Hagen Ratowsky has served for many years on the boards of both the above organizations to help build the profession nationally, set standards of education and training and to evaluate the tests and cases of many homeopaths who are certified through these two organizations. Although she no longer is involved with either organization as a board member, she supports their work and has been committed to teaching to very high standards over the last 10 years, and has helped to train many homeopaths who are certified through them. Her curriculum and training program at the Berkeley Institute will continue her mission to help train future homeopaths at the highest level possible, to promote effective and safe homeopathy in order that as many people as possible may benefit from this wonderful system of healing on all levels of their being.

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